Click here for details on Smart and Resilience Energy Grids and Transactive Energy

For insights into Smart Grid interoperability, see our discussion of three key OASIS Technical Committees for the Smart Grid.


Cox Software Architects LLC consults on eCommerce, Service-Oriented Architectures, Energy and Building Management, and Standards Development to help you:

  • Innovate. Conceive and develop a service-oriented architecture [SOA] that will accelerate your product pace. Define the architecture and detailed specifications of software products to enhance value.
  • Protect. Protect high value software franchises. Negotiate improved licensing terms. Lead due diligence and technology evaluation examintions that ensure you get full value from your technology investments.
  • Learn/Teach. Mentor and teach by doing. Transform programmers into high-performing architects. Create powerful whitepapers and tutorials to educate and develop customers and staff. Define and convey the business value of your technology to enhance your marketing.
  • Relate. Build and transform long-term relationships with customers, partners, and competitors, leading to dramatic revenue growth. Negotiate and create flexible coalitions to solve your most challenging business problems. Focus multi-company projects to ensure success.
  • Communicate. We're sought out to deliver persuasive technical and business presentations. Describe your products so prospective customers and investors can see the value right away and are primed for sales conversations. Define and build your technical marketing collateral.

Our resources page has links to presentations and information to help you build your technology, expand your business, and be more effective in defining, developing, and delivering software technology.

See our Sample Projects page for more information.

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