How to Get Started With Us

We are pleased to offer a no-obligation, no charge one hour consultation to introduce you to how we will improve the success of your business, project, or product.

What You Do

Email or fax us your request with your complete contact information (your name, role, company, fax, phone, and email). When you receive our proprietary questionnaire, answer the questions briefly but as completely as possible. Please take no longer than 30 minutes to respond to these high-level questions; we'll drill down later.

What We Do

After analyzing your completed questionnaire we will contact you to make an appointment. for a telephone conference call to share and discuss our recommendations.

The Offer

We will keep your information in confidence.

You will keep our information in confidence for use in your business.

We will analyze the information provided and provide a one hour telephone conference consultation and a brief written report that will present concrete suggestions for action.

We will present you with a proposal for a recommended approach to your problem.


That's it. Contact us to start the process today!

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