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We've defined several packages of consulting services. Each of these addresses a specific short-term need. Look at our work areas for ideas on how we can help in addition to this list.

If what you need is not listed, contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation on exactly what you need to make your product or project a succes.

Focus Your Product

This package is designed for early stage technology startups. Have an experienced software architect and product developer work with you to refine your product definition, design, and delivery.

We will spend one to two days with you, working with you to clarify and express the key values of your product and company.

You will receive a written report, technical marketing guidance, and hands-on advice to focus your product and attract buyers.

Additional work may include periodic or on-demand reviews of progress and assistance with customer interactions.

Project Review

This package supports IT managers, CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs who need a brief but penetrating review of project status, direction, and concrete steps to improve results.

A large percentage of software projects never complete, wasting time, resources, and increasing opportunity cost for your business. This package includes two days with you reviewing your project goals, definition, design, and development status.

You will receive a written report, including suggested changes in (as appropriate) your definition, design, development, and delivery plans.

Additional work may include continuing consultation to get and keep the project on track.

Customer Relationships

This package is for organizations with a product ready for trials with potential customers. It's designed for product managers, business managers, CTOs, and CEOs.

We help you define your technical interactions with your customer or customers, ensuring that their technical requirements are met (or recommending how to meet them), and to work through issues that arise during trial periods.

You will receive a written report for each customer interaction and progress reports.

Additional work may include support to develop your staff's skills

Technical Due Diligence for Potential Acquisitions

This package is for private equity firms, venture capitalists, and anyone who is considering investing in a company or product.

You will receive a detailed technical analysis of the quality of the product, the clarity of the definition and technical marketing material, and suggestions on how to improve value after an acquisition or investment.

We do not provide an appraisal of value; we will coordinate with others on detailed code analysis as requested.

Don't See What You Need?

We will customize a proposal and plan for your situation.

Contact us to set up a no-obligation consultation.

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