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The papers and presentations below are not all integrated into the topic and conference-oriented Resources pages; this list is more complete.

William Cox and Toby Considine presented on Research Issues in Transactive Energy at the Southern Economic Conference, Washington DC, October 2016. The paper is of interest to experimental economists and energy economists.

William Cox led one team and participated in three more teams in the NIST Transactive Energy Challenge. Outputs include a report from the Common Transactive Services Team and three papers presented at the 2016 Transactive Systems Conference:

William Cox co-authored a paper at the 2016 Transactive Systems Conference:

William Cox presented and discussed a paper on Grid fault resilience using microgrids and Structured Energy at the IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies 2014 Conference:

William Cox moderated a workshop session at the 2013 Transactive Energy Conference sponsored by the GridWise Architecture Council, and provided an overview of aspects and dimensions of Transactive Energy.

At the IEEE Innovative Smart Grid Technologies 2013 Conference, William Cox delivered a paper on Structured Energy (showing that microgrids form a topology over their components, as well as practical improvements to present technologies) and presented at a workshop on Transactive Energy.

William Cox co-authored several papers and presentations at Grid-Interop 2012, December. The proceedings is in press. Pre-prints of the papers and selected slides are linked here.

The first listed paper won the Best Paper Award, Grid-Interop 2012:

Slides from the GridWise Architecture Council sessions for AHR 2012 are

William Cox co-authored three papers at Grid-Interop 2011, December. The proceedings are available. The three papers and their slides are:

He also presented in a Demand-Response Workshop at Grid-Interop 2011:

Presentations from Grid-Interop 2010 are not yet available on this site.

William Cox presented at AHR 2010 in the GridWise Architecture Council sessions. The slides are here.

William Cox presented at Grid-Interop in November 2009. He co-authored three papers and presentations at Grid-Interop with Toby Considine. The presentations are (PDF at the links):

Pre-prints of the three papers are available on this site:

A Brief Note on Common Semantic Models, Common Information Models, and Interfaces was included in this site and summarized in our November 2009 Newsletter (subscribe here).

Collaborative Energy and the Future Smart Grid, William Cox's presentation at the new energy track for ISA Expo 2009 (Industrial Automation) is available now. It's a six megabyte PDF.

Achieving the Smart Grid Vision, a keynote presentation at the first NIST Smart Grid Workshop on April 28, 2009, is now on the site, as well as the SGIX (Smart Grid Information Exchange) handout from the second NIST Smart Grid Workshop, May 2009.

William Cox's talk from the Building-to-Grid Summit, Chicago, January 2009 and a related paper (also available online at Automated Buildings) are now on this site. His presentations from GridEcon, Connectivity Week are pending upload

We have updated our Energy, eCommerce, and Buildings Work Area. This is the entry point to our work applying eCommerce technologies to the Smart Grid, facility management, and energy infrastructure. We show how device intelligence and eCommerce (and markets) can optimize use of existing infrastructure and drive Collaborative Energy for smart grid enabled facilities, devices, and transportation.

We plan an archive of featured articles from our newsletters.

We have added pages for three key OASIS Technical Committees, Energy Interoperation, Energy Market Information Exchange, and WS-Calendar. Check the Technical Committee links for latest information.

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