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This page describes recent presentations that demonstrate our approach to software architecture and to product (and project) definition, design, and delivery.

All of the presentations are in Adobe Acrobat format, and are usually two slides per page.

Special thanks to the organizers of the Beijing Open Standards Conference, November 2007, for translating my three presentations into Chinese; the translations are linked below.

The three areas are

eCommerce Applied to the Smart Grid and Collaborative Energy

We have delivered seminal presentations in this area starting in 2008.

Our first public presentation in this area was a Green Buildings, Building Controls, Intelligent Power Grid and Energy Management Roundtable at the 2008 OASIS Symposium, Santa Clara California, 28-30 April 2008.

Toby Considine, Rik Drummond, and William Cox together managed the track Buildings 2.0 Meets Web 2.0 at Connectivity Week 2008, 19-22 May 2008, Santa Clara California. The track was comprised of three sessions; William Cox made two presentations:

Application of eCommerce to Building and Energy Systems was presented in the Interoperability in Enterprise and Smart Systems session. This presentation introduced key eCommerce technologies and how they apply to intelligent buildings and the intelligent power grid.

eCommerce and Battery Cars: Challenges and Solutions was presented as part of the Advanced eCommerce for Building and Grid Integrators session. This was a detailed example of how building intelligence, vehicle characteristics, and the eCommerce-enabled power grid can work together to reduce infrastructure demands and reduce consumer costs for plug-in hybrid and electric transportation.

At GridWeek 2008, William Cox presented From Physical to Fine-Grained Security as part of the Securing the Smart Grid Track.

At Grid-Interop 2008, 11-13 November 2008 in Atlanta Georgia, William Cox spoke three times:

This work continues the application of eCommerce and SOA to energy and building management issues, and raises issues of architecture and structure of smart grid systems for architects, engineers, regulators, and policy makers.

In 2009, William Cox presented at the Building-to-Grid Summit, Chicago, January 2009; that talk and a related paper (also available online at Automated Buildings) are on this site.

In addition he presented at GridEcon, Connectivity Week, a plenary presentation at the first NIST Smart Grid Roadmap Workshop, and will be presenting at The International Society of Automation ISA Expo 2009 and Grid-Interop 2009. All of the completed conferences have his presentations available (usually at the Agenda link). NOTE: These presentations are on the site but may not be integrated yet. See our What's New page for the links.

Standards, Projects, and Software Architecture

A half day tutorial, Standards and Architecture—How to Succeed, was presented at the 2007 OASIS Symposium, 15-17 April 2007. This tutorial an in-depth discussion of a software architect's approach to planning a standards or any software project. William Cox also chaired two session at that Symposium, Leveraging SOA and eGovernment Application Domains. The full conference proceedings are available online. Additional materials, including a pre-questionnaire, used at the presentation of that tutorial are available on request.

William Cox delivered two presentations (in addition to SOA and The Next Generation of Business Infrastructure) at the Beijing International Standards Conference, November 2007.

What Are Open Standards? explored the nature and degree of “openness” in standards. “Open” has become a marketing term, without definitive meaning; this talk examines how the word is used and what questions to ask. A Chinese translation is also available.

Five Secrets to Standards Success distills William Cox's understanding from his part time software standards career, which has spanned nearly twenty years, into a brief 20 minute presentation. This has been his most widely requested presentation. There's a lot of good information for project planning as well. A Chinese translation is also available.

At the 2008 OASIS Symposium, 28-30 April 2008, William Cox presented Effective Standards Work, a tutorial bringing together the themes of Five Secrets to Standards Success and condensing the advice in Standards and Architecture—How to Succeed. The full conference proceedings are available online.

eCommerce and Service-Oriented Architecture

One of our work areas is eCommerce and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA). Two themes running through this work are SOA design and the optimization of SOA deployments.

SOA and The Next Generation of Business Infrastructure explores these themes. This talk was presented at the Beijing International Standards Conference, November 2007. (NEED LINK). A Chinese translation is also available. This talk was in a session on End-to-End Resource Planning, a technology for optimizing business processes; context on what EERP does was provided by other talks.

Repurpose Compose Profit—SOA Next Generation Infrastructure was presented at the 2008 OASIS Symposium, Santa Clara California, 28-30 April 2008. The full conference proceedings are available online.


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